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SS-140-FS Fused-Silica Base Kit

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Everything for the ceramic shell process in a box to cast close to 140 Kilograms / 308 Pounds of Bronze, Brass, or cast close to 44 Kilograms / 98 Pounds of Aluminum, or cast close to 191 Kilograms / 420 Pounds of Iron. All Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals. Great for sculptors/artists, machine shops, forges, industry and more!

Contains: 2XSSS-FS “Two” Shellspen Suspension System additive kit
with complete Mixing/Application instructions and Coating Charts.

Base Kit: 10 gallons (38 liters) Remasol ® LP30 Colloidal Silica Binder liquid
2 gallons (7.6 liters) Remasol ® LP30 Colloidal Silica Binder liquid
Two 55 lb. (25 kg.) bags Remet FS (Fused-Silica) 200 mesh powder
One 55 lb. (25 kg.) bag Remet FS (Fused-Silica) 50 X 100 mesh stucco
One 55 lb. (25 kg.) bag Remet FS (Fused-Silica) 30 X 50 mesh stucco
Two 55 lb. (25 kg.) bags Remet FS (Fused-Silica) 10 X 20 mesh stucco
One 15 lb. (7 kg.) pail 3000 degree F. (1648 Celsius) Refractory cement


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This kit has everything you need for the ceramic shell process including the Shellspen Suspension System (SSS) kits. Colloidal Silica binding liquid, Flour, Pre‑wet liquid, 3 grades of stucco, Refractory cement, Directions and Coating Charts. ( Must keep from Freezing )

The SS-140-FS Complete kit casts close to 140 kilos (308 lbs) of bronze. Each “70” represents “One 5 gallon unit” (19 liter pail) of mixed slurry in Shellspen Suspension*. (*No mechanical timed mixers needed running continually to keep the slurry in suspension.) This kit mixes up “Two 5 gallon / 19 liter units” (total of 10 gallons / 38 liters) of ceramic shell slurry. Also if needed, additional Stucco and Refractory Cement can be ordered for a surcharge.


Shipped in TWO parts:

#1) The SSS (Shellspen Suspension System) additive kit ships from FL, USA via the U.S.P.S. (U.S. Mail) Priority Mail Flat rate box with Delivery Confirmation to any state in the USA for $ 13.45.

#2) The BASE materials are shipped via Truck Transport from the Remet La Mirada, CA plant for the FS (Fused-Silica). This base kit weights close to 500 lbs. (227 kg.). Usually this material is shipped with “Freeze Protect” from Oct. 15th to April 15th, (to protect the Colloidal Silica Binding liquid from Freezing, as if it freezes it can be ruined). However this date can vary if there are early freezes or freezes later in the season. If you choose to have it shipped without “Freeze Protect” (during these dates) you need to sign our disclaimer before shipping, so you are responsible if it freezes.

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