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Medium 2 Shellspen Suspension System Additive Kit

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You can cast close to 140 Kilograms / 308 Pounds of Bronze, Brass, or cast close to 44 Kilograms / 98 Pounds of Aluminum, or cast close to 191 Kilograms / 420 Pounds of Iron. All Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals. Great for sculptors/artists, machine shops, forges, industry and more! Directions and Coating Charts included.

Includes 2 Shellspen Suspension System additive kits that suspend 5 gallons (19 kilos) of slurry for each kit, when added to your own base materials of Colloidal Silica Binding Liquid and AA (Aluminasilicate) 325 mesh Powder or FS (Fused-Silica) 200 or 325 mesh Powder.

Ships via USPS medium flat rate box in the USA (2XSSS kits) as of March 2020 : $ 15.05
(USPS Priority Mail prices subject to change without notice.)

Shipping weight 3.6 Kilograms / 8 Pounds

Current USPS Priority Mail flat rate shipping to any State in the US, as of June 2019:  $ 14.35


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When this kit is added to your own base supplies of Colloidal Silica binding liquid, Flour, Pre‑wet liquid, 3 grades of stucco, and Refractory cement

Used to suspend your ceramic shell slurry in chemical suspension for 60 days or longer. No mechanical mixers needed running 24/7.

The difference between AA & FS:

AA (Aluminasilicate) is a heavier denser material that is less costly, you can take it up to a higher temp. (3600 degrees), it releases a little harder than the FS. However with all bronze casting with both of these materials you have to sandblast the ceramic shell off, so the difference in devesting (shell removal after casting) from AA to FS will not be that noticeable. The AA you can be more abusive with it (when handling or over-heating) which is also ideal for students and beginners.

FS (Fused-Silica) is a lighter weight material that is more costly, you cannot take it above (2000 degrees) as when taken above this temperature it actually fuses together (and will not let the gas escape through the ceramic shell when casting, as with ceramic shell no vents are needed). The FS releases easier from the castings, but as mentioned above it still needs to be sandblasted off the casting.

Some bronze sculptors will only use FS and some will only use AA, since you can get fingerprint detail with both ceramic shell materials I would recommend the ceramic shell that is the most economical to purchase. If you are purchasing the Shellspen Complete kits, the FS base kit is shipped from CA. And the AA base kit is shipped from NY. So depending on your location will also determine the best kit to buy for the best price.

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Medium 2 SSS Kits

Medium 2 SSS-AA (Aluminasilicate) Green Label Kit, Meduim 2 SSS-FS (Fused-Silica) Orange Label Kit


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