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TWO – Head-Bust Armatures – 24″

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If you are sculpting with more than 5 lbs. of Plastilina, moist clay or other sculpting medium, an armature is a necessity to serve as the internal support frame for your piece since the modeling material cannot support itself.
Of all the head armatures, the head-bust armature is the most widely used and includes the head, neck and portion of the shoulders (bust). Our 24″ head-bust armature is constructed of strong, yet pliable, aluminum wire that is supported with a heavy duty steel backiron and cross bar that makes up the lower portion of the bust.

This non-corrosive and non-staining wire armature is securely attached to a base of Formica over heavy gauge plywood.

If using moist (ceramic/pottery) clay, please note, the armature cannot be put in a kiln during firing. The clay will shrink but the wire will not, resulting in cracking and/or breakage. We suggest using a wet and twisted newspaper armature as the paper will burn off during firing; or a wax armature as the wax will melt during firing.



For 2 –¬†Head-Bust Armatures – 24″ each ($ 72.00 each) = TOTAL 2 pieces

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